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To be our tour guide?

To work as a Tour Guide in Korea need the tour guide license. To be our tour guide, it's necessary that you need to be passed our interview and the test of your service skills. Here are the requirements and job descriptions of Tour guide in Korea.    


1. You will explain the stories and history of the spot where you are taking the tourists. 

2. You will serve them well to make them enjoy enough the tour.

3. You will drive the vehicle at least 12 seaters van. (Hyundai Starex or Kia Carnival) 

4. You have to know the cultural differences between each country. 

5. You have to book the restaurants and attractions. 

6. You will work as freelance.

JOB Requirement

1. You MUST have a Tourism Employee License in English. 

2. It's better if you have experienced in the tourism industry or hospitality industry. 

3. If you are a foreign worker, you must have your Work Visa. 

4. You MUST have your own vehicle for work. It has to be at least 7 years old. More than 7 years old, it will not be accepted. 

To Apply your CV, please send to our email ; 

If you have any questions about Job, feel free to contact us. 

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