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Health and Safety Conditions

1. Health Conditions


Due to Covid19, the health conditions are must to follow during your journey with us. 


a. You must let us know your health condition report from your doctor. This is to avoid any kinds of symptoms of Covid19. 

b. All travelers should use KN95 Mask during our tour it is to keep the safety for all of us from covid19. 


c. You need to carry Hand Sanitizer during our tour. 


d. If one of you are sick during tour, we will report to our health line, and our tour will be stopped strait away for self quarantine for 2 weeks. In this case, you must need to pay all expenses for self quarantine and testing. 


2. Safety Condition

a, You will have to use the sanitized transportation. 

b. If you have any symptoms before tour, you should report to us to handle it out. 

c. You need to keep follow the Social distance, 1 meter each.


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