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[the Beauty of Korea] Miryang Yeongnam Alps 2D1N Tour

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Miryang City is the located in Gyeongnam Province and it's the small city. It's surrounded mountains and rivers, and has long history of this city.

It's not well known city in tourism industry but lots of people are visiting here for trekking, hiking, sightseeing, and enjoy with the nature.

< Tour Itinerary >

Day 1

08:00am Meet our tour guide at your accommodation in Seoul.

Move to Miryang City. [Takes almost 4 hours]

12:00pm Lunch : Local Food at Miryang Traditional Central Market

(100 years old market)

This market was begin in 100 years ago from Joseon Kingdom Dynasty. Every 2nd and 7th of each month have the street market. They are selling fish, veges, Fresh oils, and so on. You can see the real local market in traditional way.

13:00pm Hobakso (Pumpkin Pond)

This pond has made naturally. As times goes by, the small waterfall make this pumpkin shaped pond. This is the reason we call its Pumpkin pond. During Summer season, lots of people are swimming here to avoid the hot weather.

13:30pm Ride Cable Car to the top of Mt.Cheonhwang

14:00pm Enjoy Trekking (Sky Park <-> Sajapyeong Silver grass Park)

* Return 3 hours *

This park is the Silver Grass park at the mid of Mt. Jaeyak. There is a marsh with full of Silver Grass, so lots of mountain climber or trekkers are visiting here. It's really good place for Fall season for photo shooting.

17:00pm Yeongnamru Pavillion

The Yeongnamnu or Yeongnamru is a pavilion on a cliff overlooking the curve of the Miryang River in central Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. It dates to the Joseon Dynasty and is one of the central cultural treasures of Miryang.

18:00pm Dinner : Authentic Bulgogi with Spring Onion

19:00pm Check in accommodation

Accommodation : Rental House or Lodge

Day 2

10:00am Move to Lake Miryang Observatory after self breakfast

10:30am Morning Walking to Lake Miryang Observatory

11:30am Move to Pyochung Buddhist Temple

12:00pm Take a look the temple

Pyochungsa, originally Jungnimsa, is a Korean Buddhist temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. It stands on the slopes of Jaeyaksan mountain near Cheonhwangsan in the Yeongnam Alps in Danjang-myeon, northern Miryang, South Korea.

13:00pm Lunch : Local Food

14:00pm Back to Seoul [will take appox. 4 hours]

18:00pm Arrive at Seoul

< Tour Price >

480 USD per person (Min. 3 People)

< Included >

- English Tour Guide

- Private Transportation

- All Entrance Fees

- 1 Night Accommodation (Lodge or Rental House)

- Meals ( 2 X Lunch, 1 X Dinner)

< Excluded >

- Breakfast (Make you own breakfast)

- Personal Expenses

- Tour Guide Tips (10$ per person)

< Notes >

- If there is anyone who are not well, or can't walk a lot, then you can not book this tour.

- You better need to prepare outdoor gears as comfortable shoes, clothes.. etc

- Please Let us know if you have any of allergies on food.

- Due to Covid19 crisis, you have to keep physical distance with other tourist or local people, use a lot of hand sanitizer in the car.

< How to make a reservation >

1) E-mail : or Click 'Request for Booking'

2) Make payment :

Paypal Payment : (will be add 5% for paypal commissions)

Bank Transfer : Kakao Bank 3333-03-5836955 (Jung woo Hyung)

(Swift code : CITIKRSXKAK)

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