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Seoul Fullday Culinary Tour (Fish Market + BBQ Dinner)

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

This tour is aim to taste of the varieties of Korean foods from Seafood to BBQ. You will taste of Korean Seafood as fresh row fish or steamed clams and shells. This is not just to taste the food, it's for knowing the cultural background from the food.

< Tour Itinerary >

11:00am Our tour guide will pick you up at your accommodation.

11:30am Noryangjin Seafood Market

This seafood market is the largest seafood market in Seoul. Around Seoul, the closest sea is the West Sea (also called as Yellow Sea). The west sea has lots of mud fishes such as Octopus, clams, shells, and so on. You can taste some seafood from West Sea of Korea.

You will choose at the seafood stall then take it up to the restaurant to cook.

13:00pm Corner Cafe at Mt.Bukak and Bukak Pavillion.

The Corner Cafe is the located at the mid of Mt.Bukak. Mt.Bukak is the mountain where located behind of the Blue house to protect our presidential house. At this mountain, there is the Seoul Fortress so you can see the fortress from the Cafe. As it is in the mid of mountain, you can see the gorgeous view of Seoul City.

14:30pm Gwangjang Traditional Market

This market is the largest traditional market and it's the most popular market as well. Lots of people are going to this market for many reasons. There is a street food alley where you can eat varieties of Korean street foods. You will taste some of Mungbean Pancakes and some other street foods.

15:30pm 70yrs old Traditional Korea Fried Chicken at Cheongryangri Fruit Market

This market was the center of the transport coming into Seoul from outside of Seoul. Therefore there was a huge markets settled down and there was large chicken stalls in this area. There is a one oldest traditional Korean Fried Chicken stall. You can taste of the chicken with Beer.

17:00pm Korea Butcher's market.

The Butcher's market is the oldest Butcher's market and it means the most fresh meats are coming from this market. Especially, Korean Beef called Hanwoo is the premium name of Korean Beef. Korean Beef is not for Steak , it's for the charcoal grilled BBQ. You will taste of the delicious Hanwoo Beef.

19:00pm Back to Hotel

< Tour Price >

550 USD Per Person (Min 2 Pax)

< Included >

- English Food Tour Guide

- Private Tour

- All Meals (Lunch and Dinner)

- Snacks

< Excluded >

- Personal Drinks

- Tips for Tour Guide

< Notes > - This is the private tour.

- If you have any food allergy, please let us know.

- This is not for Muslims. Not Halal foods.

< How to make a reservation >

1) E-mail : or Click 'Request for Booking'

2) Make payment :

Paypal Payment : (will be add 5% for paypal commissions)

Bank Transfer : Kakao Bank 3333-03-5836955 (Jung woo Hyung)

(Swift code : CITIKRSXKAK)

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