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[Language Course] Korean Language School Program

This program is aim to learn Korean Language in Korea. There are lots of Korean Language Academic schools in Seoul City. If you want to study Korean Language well, this is the one of your option to choose.

< Location >

• Language school location : Seoul, Korea Eligibility

• Must be between 15~55 years old

• Beginners welcome! No language experience necessary

• Be in good mental and physical health

• Have a genuine interest in learning Korean and immersing yourself in the culture

< Classes and School information >

There are 3 different levels — Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced. The levels are sub divided up into two sub levels depending on your linguistic skills. You will be given an admissions test on your first day to evaluate your skills and place you in the proper level.

• Class Size : 3~8 people (max 12)

• Class Hours : 16 Korean Lessons / week

Through the course, you learn a speaking focused comprehensive Korean language course (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Classes are taught by native Korean teachers who specialize in teaching a foreign language. The curriculum heavily weighs on practical Korean learning experience. Afternoon social programs and activities will offer the perfect opportunities for you to speak Korean in positive, friendly environment. On the first day of school, we give you a short tour around the school to show you where to take public transports, shop daily goods, and numbers of interesting sites.


The course includes: speaking, listening, reading and writing along with grammars and vocabulary. Build strong basics and become confident in using the Korean language.

• Practical

This course teaches practical Korean expressions that are useful in real-life situations. Learn to ask and answer questions that are suitable for daily life in Korea.


We use visual aids and games to teach complex parts of the lesson for better understanding. Students can understand difficult grammars easily and remember longer. • Small Size Class

We aim compact class because we care about your progress. Consistent feedback from teachers and enough answering time for your questions would make you feel comfortable.

< Accommodation >

All students live with carefully selected local home-stay families. Prospective host families undergo a rigorous screening process. Participants can rest assured that only suitable host families will be selected.

In order to qualify as a host family, the prospective hosts must:

• Undergo and pass an in-person interview with program staff

• Agree to and pass a home inspection

There is usually only one student placed per host family. Some families have larger homes and can accommodate two students. In this case, they will only share rooms with students of the same gender and will be closely supervised by their hosts.

If you are applying with a friend and want to share a host family, we recommend applying early as those placements tend to fill up.

Getting To / From School

Each day, all students will be responsible for commuting on their own from the host family’s home to the school using public transportation. Thankfully, the public transportation in Seoul is very safe and we rarely see any major issues. The public transportation will either be a subway or a bus or a combination of both. The average commute time is about 20~40 minutes one way. We provide students with comprehensive guides for riding public transportation

< Tuition Fees >

For more inquiries, feel free to contact us to

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