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"Itaewon Class" Film Location Tour

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

This tour is only for those who have watched K-Drama called "Itaewon Class". This aim of this tour is to visit drama shooting locations in Itaewon Area. To understand this tour, you are recommended to watch whole this drama.

< Tour Details >

10:00am Our Guide will pick you up at your hotel lobby

10:30am Arrive at Itaewon and walk around the area.

This is the location of 'Old Danbam Pocha' in the drama. Park-Saeroy have started his first own restaurant in Itaewon. He is started to build up his restaurant with Jo-Yiseo who is the manager of this restaurant.

This is the location of 'Bogwang Boarding house' in the drama. This building is using as guesthouse now. In the drama, Jang-Geunsoo was lived here to study. He was play with Jo-Yiseo as his most friendly friend.

This location is the main street of Itaewon and the drama. Park-Saeroy and his girl friend, Oh-Suah was walking around this street a lot in the drama. Most of Drama scene was filmed in this street.

This location is the 'New Danbam Pocha' in the drama. But in reality, this is the boutique cafe owned by one the of the K-pop star. In the drama, Park-Saeroy was move the restaurant from Itaewon to Haebangchon area because of the Jangga.Co.

This location is the 'Seoul Fortress Park' where Park-Saeroy and Gang-Minjeong have met in the drama. Gang-Minjeong was the general manager of the Jangga.Co. She wants to help Park-Saeroy to revenge the CEO of Jangga.Co.

16:00pm Back to the Hotel

< Tour Fees >

110 USD per person (Min. 3 people)

< Includes >

- English Private Tour Guide

- Private Transportation

- Drama Commentary

< Excludes >

- Lunch

- Tips of Guide

< How to make a reservation >

1) E-mail : or Click 'Request for Booking'

2) Make payment :

Paypal Payment : (will be add 5% for paypal commissions)

Bank Transfer : Kakao Bank 3333-03-5836955 (Jung woo Hyung)

(Swift code : CITIKRSXKAK)

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OMG, I have watched this through Netflix. It was so fun.. I'll definitely book this tour to visit the


It looks fun and enjoy. I’ve watched the whole stories of this drama.

I will definately book this tour after Covid19 cirsis finished.

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