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Exploring the Beauty of Jeju with the Newest Updates on Taxi Tours

Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination in South Korea, known for its natural beauty and unique culture. The island is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the volcanic Hallasan Mountain and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, a volcanic crater with a beautiful view of the sunrise. Other popular attractions include the Hueree Natural Park, Snoopy Garden, and Eco Land Theme Park. Jeju Island is also famous for its beaches, such as Hyeopjae Beach and Jungmun Beach, which offer stunning views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. Visitors can also enjoy local cuisine such as black pork and seafood dishes.

Nowadays, new trendy way of travelling in Jeju is the taxi tours.

Jeju taxi tours are a popular way to explore the island’s scenic beauty and cultural heritage. You can hire a taxi with a driver for 8 hours and travel at your own pace, choosing up to 3-4 places to visit in one day within the same part of Jeju. The eastern part of Jeju includes destinations such as Manjang Cave, Woljeongri Beach, Seongsan Sunrise Peak, and Jeju Folk Village.

Travelling in Jeju Island with English speaking taxi
Jeju Taxi Tour

How to book the taxi tours?

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