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Experience of Korean Folk Life Tour

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The aim of this tour is to have an experience of the Korean Folk Life in Seoul. You can see the culture of Koreans, and feel how Korean people lived through this tour.

< Tour Details >

09:00am You will meet our tour guide at the hotel lobby

10:00am Seoul Pungmul Traditional Flea Market

You will visit Pungmul Traditional Market, one of the historical market in Seoul. This market was inside of the Seoul Fortress. This market is located next to the Cheongye Stream. Therefore, there were lots of poor people lived near by the stream and they had to deal with used items to earn money to survive. After Korean war, lots of used items or useless items came into this market. It was the very beginning time of this market. Nowadays, this market has become the most biggest second-hand trade market.

11:00am Deoksu Royal Palace

Deoksu Royal Palace is one of the royal palace in Seoul. This palace is walled compound of palaces in Seoul that was inhabited by members of Korea's royal family during Joseon dynasty until the annexation of Korea by Japan in 1910. This palace was originally the residence of Prince Wolsan, the older brother of King Seongjong. This residence ecame a royal palace during the Imjin War after all of other palaces were burned in 1592.

11:40am Jeongdong historical Street

Jeongdong historical Street is the located behind of Deoksu Palace. In this street, there are lots of historical sites such as Ehwa Girls High School, Jeongdong Church, and early modern buildings, first western school buildings and so on. In 19th Century, lots of westerners came in to Korea to start schooling, church services, first woman's colleges. You will roam around this street to see all these buildings.

12:30pm Lunch : Korean BBQ

You will have a unique Korean BBQ. It's very local style of Beef BBQ with Spring Onion.

13:30pm Early Korean Cafe (Dabang)

Dabang is the Korean name of Cafe. It's old version of Cafe where you can feel the early Korean folk life. It's a bit different style from modernized cafe. This cafe is started since 1981 and it's the oldest cafe in Seoul. The recommendation coffee is called 'Vienna Coffee'.

* There are lots of people normally. They might full of seats.

14:30pm Ikseondong Hanok Village

This is the traditional Korean House Village. There are lots of small alleys to walk around to see the small stores and stalls. This is the oldest alley in Korea. There are lots of handcrafts shops, cafes, tea houses and so on. You can see the old and new at same place.

15:30pm Back to Accommodation

You will be back to your accommodation or you will be dropped off anywhere you want in Seoul.

< Tour Fee >

250usd PER PERSON ( Tour starts from minimum 2 persons )

< Included >

- Professional English History Tour Guide

- Private Transportation

- Lunch

< Excluded >

- Tips for Guide

< Notes >

- This is the specialized private tour.

< How to make a reservation >

1) E-mail : or Click 'Request for Booking'

2) Make payment :

Bank Transfer : Kakao Bank 3333-03-5836955 (Jung woo Hyung)

(Swift code : CITIKRSXKAK)

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