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[High-end of Korea] 7D6N Enjoy Sightseeing and Local Food Tours

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

This tour is to enjoy the sightseeing with the local foods for 7 days.

You will visit to the local places where you can enjoy the nature of Korea and the varieties of Korean foods.

< Tour Details >

Day 1 ( Seoul -> Gunsan -> Seonyudo Island -> Buan)

09:00am Meet your guide at your accommodation in Seoul

* Gunsan Japanese Heritage village

This village has built by Japanese in 1910 when Japanese colonized Joseon Kingdom.

Gunsan city was the main gate where Japanese entered by ship from Japan. They had to build the Japanese governmental buildings in Gunsan to take control of southern area of Korea Peninsula.

* Enjoy with nice local food for lunch (Spicy Seafood Noodle)

There are varieties of seafood in this noodle such as clams, crabs, shells and so on. It's the most popular Korean local food.

* Seonyu Island via Seamangeum Reclamation

Seonyu Island is located next to Seamangeum Reclamation. This island has choose as the most beautiful island in the West Coast. Also, the view of reclamation area is very stunning.

There are around 500 islands near this island.

* Gyeokpo Beach with Enjoying Coffee at the Observatory

Gyeokpo Beach is the most famous beach in Jeonla province. This beach has the observatory where you can see the stunning view of west coast and the farm area. You can have some tea or coffee with the amazing view.

* Gyeokpo Seafood Market for dinner

This is very common idea of to eat seafood in Korea. You are going to choose some seafood that you want to eat. Then they will going to cook it for you. All seafood are from the West Coast.

* Overnight at Bada Hotel

Day 2 (Buan -> Jeongeup -> Damyang -> Gwangju)

09:00am Meet our guide at the hotel lobby

* Mt.Naejang with ride Cable Car

Mt.Naejang is the most beautiful mountain in Jeongeup city. It's a very small city but very popular for this mountain. Especially, in fall season around November, the colorful maple trees are gorgeous view. Also, this mountain is the 3rd highest mountain in South Korea.

* Damyang Meta-sequoia Road

Damyang is the popular for bamboo and the sequoia trees. Especially, the Meta-sequoia road is the most famous place for those who are visiting Damyang town.

* Lunch : Local Styled Korean BBQ

* Damyang Bamboo Forest

Damyang town has the subtropical climate so that there are lots of tropical trees are growing around this town. The yearly average of the temperature of this town is 15.5 degrees in Celsius. Therefore, there are lots of Bamboo trees are grown.

* Damyang Traditional Korean Garden

This garden is the traditional Korean Garden, called "Soswewon". This garden has made during Joseon Dynasty. This is the oldest traditional Korean Styled Garden.

* Overnight in Gwangju, Holiday Inn Hotel

Day 3 (Gwangju -> Boseong -> Suncheon -> Yeosu)

09:00am Our guide will pick you up at the hotel lobby

* Boseong Green Tea Plantation

This green tea plantation is the 2nd largest plantation farm in Korea. The largest plantation is in Jeju Island with different brand. Boseong has cooler climate than other town so that the green tea plants are good to grow in this good climate condition.

* Suncheon Nakan Folk Village

This village is the folk village where people still live as traditional way. This village has surrounded by the fortress castle to protect the people from others. There are around 100 houses are still there. This folk village is the 2nd largest folk village where people actually lived.

* Lunch : Yeosu Steamed King Crab

* Yeosu Southern Sea Cable Car

Yeosu city is the beautiful city where located the southern coast. There is a cable car to across the harbor. It has stunning view of Southern Sea.

* Yeosu Nangman Pocha Road to enjoy Local Food with drinks

The meaning of Nangman Pocha is 'Romantic Dining pub'. It's all outside food stall where you can enjoy the foods with drinks. This is the very local style to have experience of local life style.

* Overnight at Hidden Bay Hotel, Yeosu

Day 4 (Yeosu -> Tongyeong -> Busan via Underwater Tunnel)

09:00am Our guide will pick you up at the hotel lobby

* Tongyeong Seopirang Park

The word of 'Pirang' is the dialect of Tongyeong City. It means the end of the land. This is the highest park on the west side of Tongyeong. You can see the whole view of Tongyeong city.

* Skyline Luge

This is the attraction to ride on the track. Skyline Luge is originally from Rotorua, New Zealand. You have to ride the lift to the top of hill to ride the Luge. It is very popular.

* Tongyeong Cable Car

It is the longest cable car in Korea. When you up to the top, you can see the stunning view of South Coast with the southern sounds.

* Lunch : Charcoal BBQ Grilled Fish

* Move to Busan City via Underwater Tunnel

This is the lowest underwater tunnel in the world to cross the south sea toward to Busan.

It takes 10 years to build this tunnel.

* Arrive at Busan city and Ggangtong Market

This market is the largest traditional market in Busan City. As it is the port city, there are lots of international products and varieties of foods.

* Monument for Korea Straits Battle Victory

This place was the last border during Korean War. This monument is for those who died in Korean War period.

* Overnight at Centum Hotel, Busan

Day 5 ( Busan -> Gyeongju )

09:00am Guide will pick you up at the hotel lobby

* Busan Haeundae Beach

This is the most popular beach in Korea and Asia. Every Summer time, 1 million people are coming to this beach everyday in summer season. There are lots of resorts, hotels, restaurants, pubs, and clubs together at this beach.

* Busan Daytime Cruise

This cruise is taking you the landmarks of Busan. It takes around 90 mins and the most popular cruise in daytime and night time as well.

* Lunch : Puff Fish Soup

Puff fish is very popular fish to eat in the soup or steamed. Busan has lots of fresh puff fish because the pacific ocean is there. This soup is the strong recommended soup to taste of it.

* Gyeongju King's Tomb Park and Cheomsungdae Observatory

Gyeongju was the capital of Shilla Kingdom during 3 kingdoms dynasty. Shilla kingdom has destroyed by Beakje Kingdom so there are lots of King's tombs in this city. King's tombs are like the hill as picture as below.

* Anapji Pond

This pond is the part of the Shilla Palace. The Shilla royal palace has destroyed, so there are few buildings left with the beautiful pond.

*Woljeongyo Bride

This is newly rebuilt bridge. There was a wooden bridge at this place during Shilla Kingdom, but when it's destroyed, they rebuilt 5 years ago.

* Overnight at The K Hotel, Gyeongju

Day 6 (Gyeongju -> Andong)

09:00am Our guide will pick you up at your hotel lobby

*Bulguk Buddhist Temple

This is the beautiful temple in Gyeongju city. This temple has registered as #1744 national treasure in 2011. This temple has built in Joseon Kingdom Dynasty.

*Seokgulam Grotto

This grotto has built by the king of Gyeongdeok of Shilla Kingdom, and takes 20 years to be completed. This Buddha is inside of grotto.

* Lunch : Andong Jjimdak ( Braised Soya Chicken)

* Hahoe Folk Village

*Byungsan Sewon (Scholar School)

* Overnight at CM Park Hotel, Andong

Day 7 ( Andong -> Seoul )

09:00am You will back to Seoul then back to your accommodation.

< Tour Price >

Please contact us to get the price.

< Includes >

- 6 Nights Accommodation with Breakfast (Based on Twin bed per room)

- English Tour Guide

- All Entrance Tickets

- Toll Fees

- Private Transportation

< Excludes >

- All Meals (Lunch and Dinner)

- Tips for Guide

- Personal expenses

< Notes >

- You need to book this tour at least 3 weeks before your travel date.

- When you make a reservation, please read our terms and condition first.

< How to make a reservation >

1) E-mail : or Click 'Request for Booking'

2) Make payment :

Paypal Payment : (will be add 5% for paypal commissions)

Bank Transfer : Kakao Bank 3333-03-5836955 (Jung woo Hyung)

(Swift code : CITIKRSXKAK)

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